2021 6th International Conference on Mechanical, Control and Computer Engineering (ICMCCE 2021)
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Prof. Jizhong Zhu

South China University of Technology/School of Electric Power Engineering, China


Title: New Technologies and Applications in Power System

This presentation introduces the definition, scope, operation objectives and technologies of power system. The technologies include: Integrated communications, Sensing and measurement technologies, Advanced components, Advanced control methods, and Improved interfaces and decision support. These new technologies speed up the development of smart grid in modern power system. Robust power grid is promoting large scale of application of renewable energies. In addition, the relationship of smart grid and energy internet is analyzed, and their application scenarios are discussed. Finally, this topic will address the application of power system on the areas of smart microgrid, electric vehicles and energy storages.



Prof. Kun Li

Chongqing University, China


Title: Metals additive intelligent manufacturing and their applications   

Abstract: As an important branch in the field of 3D printing, metals additive manufacturing, has demonstrated great value and broad application in strategic emerging industries such as aerospace like turbo engine and blades, transportation like bearings, new energy and medical structures. The research progress has been made through several decades combined with the lab research. It has changed the traditional manufacturing methods and provided new ideas for the direct manufacturing of complex metal structures and functional parts, liberating the freedom of designers and making new product forms emerge, which shows very considerable prospects in the fields of innovative product development, biomedicine and energy.


摘要:金属增材制造作为3D打印领域的一个重要分支,在涡轮发动机和叶片等航空航天、轴承等交通运输、新能源和医疗结构等战略性新兴产业中显示出巨大的价值和广泛的应用。 经过几十年的研究,结合本实验室研究,金属增材制造已取得了众多研究进展。 它改变了传统的制造方法,为复杂金属结构和功能部件的直接制造提供了新的思路,解放了设计者的自由,使新的产品形态不断涌现,在创新产品开发、生物医学和医药等领域显示出非常可观的前景、活力。

Prof. Dongyan Shi

College of Mechanical And Electrical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China


Title: Research on the Mechanism of Ice Damage of Ice Fragments under Near-field Underwater Explosion

Abstract: In polar region, mineral resources are extremely rich, and their military value and shipping value are being paid more and more attention by all countries. However, the risk of war preparation resource transportation by navigation in ice areas is great, which makes the research on near-field underwater explosion and ice breaking possesses high academic value and practical significance. In view of the mesoscopic damage of ice under near-field underwater explosion, the numerical analysis models of shockwave-ice and bubble-ice coupling are established, and the mesoscopic evolution process of ice section damage under near-field underwater explosion is described and analyzed. Based on the theory of one-dimensional stress wave propagation, to analyze the stratification phenomenon of ice layer, the law and mechanism of ice layer damage and crack propagation under the near-field underwater explosive load are obtained. And, in view of the macroscopic damage of ice layer under near-field underwater explosion, the phenomenon of bubble jet penetrating through the thin ice layer and invading the thick ice layer by two kind of typical bubble jets with different motion forms are obtained respectively. Moreover, the sensitivity of the damage effect of bubble jet to the detonation distance of ice layer under the load of bubble jet is obtained.

Keywords: Near-field underwater explosion; Ice damage; Crack propagation; Ice break-up



关键词: 近场水下爆炸;冰层损伤;裂纹扩展;冰层破碎